Pima Lung & Sleep is the only AASM, ICAEL and
ICAVL Accredited Sleep Disorders Center in Tucson

We offer patients a beautiful, tranquil and comfortable environnment. Our facilities are top notch, from the most advanced equipment to thoughtfully designed "Hacienda" style sleep rooms complete with luxurious beds and custom-made Bariatric furniture. Pima Lung & Sleep is locally owned and operated.

Pima Lung & Sleep Fast Facts*

  • PLS is the only Sleep Center in Pima County and Southern Arizona accredited by the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)
  • PLS is the only practice in Southern AZ to have the triple Accreditation. (AASM, ICAEL, ICAVL)
  • PLS is 1 of only 2 practices in Arizona to have the triple Accreditation. (AASM, ICAEL, ICAVL)
  • PLS is 1 of only 135 practices in the Nation accredited by AASM, ICAEL and ICAVL.
  • PLS has 2 sleep study locations to serve you: Tucson and Green Valley.


If your patients suffer with any of the following symptoms, they may have obstructive sleep apnea and be in need of a sleep study:

  • Snore most nights
  • Stop breathing or struggle to breath while sleeping
  • Tired most days and/or doze off during normal daily activities
  • High blood pressure
  • History of heart disease and/or stroke
  • Diabetes or overweight
*Statistical Research as of May 2012.

If you have Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Restless Legs Syndrome, REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder or other Parasomnias, then call Pima Lung & Sleep for an appointment. We treat all sleep disorders from A to Z.